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Adding value from the outside in.

Reliance has been delivering products that fuel progress and innovation since 1958. As a leading manufacturer of blow molded packaging, with injection molding capabilities, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, product quality and reliability.

Reliance Products Customer Service

Personalized Customer Service

We are dedicated building great relationships by understanding the unique needs of our partners and developing the right strategic plans to fulfill them.

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In-House Engineering & Design

Our decades of experience in innovative design and manufacturing ensure our partners realize smart, affordable and sustainable solutions.

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Barrier Protection

Barrier Protection

As Canada’s only provider of in-line fluorination for bottles and tight heads, we deliver a cost-effective process to better protect your product.

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We don't just make packaging - we shape how your customers experience your product. It's not just about building premium products. It's about building the trust, pride and commitment that comes with them.

Our Roots
Barrier Protection illustration

Barrier protection

Fluorination is the process of bonding fluorine atoms to the interior of a plastic container, creating an impermeable membrane. This barrier protects your packaging from distortion, odor emission and product loss through permeation.

Products that would benefit from fluorine-treated packaging include herbicides, cleaners and other solvent-based chemicals.

Why in-line fluorination?

During the production stages of your packaging, in-line fluorination is a more cost-effective and timely alternative to post-fluorination. Some benefits of in-line fluorination include:

  • Offers shorter lead-times
  • Eliminates multiple shipping and labour charges
  • Eliminates potential container damage caused by post-fluorination process
  • Allows packaging to be sleeved and labeled during production
  • Minimizes cost and overall environmental impact related to transportation

Reliance is the only provider of in-line fluorination for bottles and tight heads in Canada. Not sure if your product would benefit from fluorination?

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In-House Engineering

In-house design & engineering

Reliance offers full turnkey product development and engineering services.

From conceptualization to finished product, our in-house team of engineers, designers and technicians will take your idea through an integrated product development process including:

  • Package design
  • Mold commissioning
  • Prototyping
  • Quality inspection

Let’s build something great together.

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We manufacture bottles and tight heads for a variety of industries.



Reliance offers a full range of “F” style, no-glug, and Cleanflo® bottles. Most of our bottles are available with several neck finishes, and can be made in an array of colours.

We offer:
  • UN-registered for transportation of dangerous goods
  • In-line fluorine treatment available on most bottle sizes
  • Food-grade (FDA) approved resin
  • Multiple neck formats

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Tight Heads

Tight heads

Tight heads by Reliance are UN-registered for land, sea and air transport of hazardous liquids in Packaging Groups II and III. They are available in a variety of formats, including a wide range of neck finishes, handles and sizes. Non-UN formats are also available.

We offer:
  • UN-registered for reconditioning and re-use
  • In-line fluorine treatment available
  • Secure stacking
  • Integrated handle or swivel handle
  • Optional vent plugs
  • Food-grade approved
  • Multiple neck formats

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From updating an existing container to the design of a brand-new package, Reliance has the in-house expertise to create custom packaging to meet your unique needs. Our team of engineers, designers and technicians offer cost effective solutions, and will take your concept through an integrated product development process.

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Our Roots

Reliance Products Ltd. began in 1958 as a collapsible container manufacturer servicing the automotive industry. Over the decades, we’ve evolved to focus on what we do best: uncompromising service and innovation in blow-molded packaging.

Family-owned and based in Winnipeg, Canada, we proudly emulate our “Friendly Manitoba” roots in the long-term partnerships we’ve developed over the decades and still keep today.

We truly believe in the power of creativity and comprehensive packaging design. Our products are distributed across North America, and serve the crop protection, industrial, food and outdoor consumer markets.

In 1991, we received our IS0-9001 certification and continue to create advanced packaging solutions to the high standards that have built our company into what it is today.

Our Purpose

To be an industry leader in providing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

What We Believe

Our core values demonstrate our commitment to exceptional service, dedicated collaboration and relentless innovation.

Awesome Relationships

Be Authentic.
Be Here Now.
Be Open.

Continuous Improvement

Be Entrepreneurial.
Be Curious.
Be Courageous.


Be Willing.
Be Intentional.
Be Aware.

Together, Safely

Be Accountable.
Be Collaborative.
Be Healthy.

"Success should be targeted, striven for, achieved and celebrated in small bites, as each success can bring about a new direction towards a new ultimate goal based on lessons learned."

- Nils Bodtker, Owner of Reliance

Our commitment
to the environment

Reliance is committed to the environment, social responsibility and economical progress. From design and production, to packaging and transportation, our goal is to minimize our environmental impact wherever possible:

  • Our sustainable “cradle-to-cradle” (C2C) design creates recyclable products that can be reprocessed to create new packaging.
  • Our “closed loop” operation minimizes production waste by grinding and feeding all excess plastic back into the manufacturing process.
  • Our involvement as board and committee members in the industry recycling programs of Cleanfarms and ACRC assures we are on the forefront to minimize our environmental footprint.

The annual Bodtker Group Charity Golf Tournament for Habitat for Humanity.

In the community

As part of The Bodtker Group of Companies, Reliance Products Ltd. has been a national corporate partner with Habitat for Humanity since September 2014. We are dedicated to volunteering and organizing fundraising events to benefit the invaluable work Habitat for Humanity does in building affordable housing for deserving families.

Each year we look forward to riding 1,000 miles to raise funds through the Cycle of Hope, actively participating in Habitat home builds, and holding our largest fundraising event for the organization, the Annual Bodtker Group Charity Golf Tournament.

We continue to share our success as a company by making Reliance Products Ltd. a more fulfilling place to work and giving back to our community.

Habitat for Humanity Manitoba