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Welcome to Reliance Products Ltd.! We take pride in being a North American manufacturer with over half a century of expertise manufacturing products to satisfy the needs of consumers participating in outdoor recreation and those either preparing for, or involved in, an emergency. We focus specifically on Hydration, Sanitation, and Purification items in connection with these markets and have created a line of products that meet your needs as you interact with the environment.

Reliance prides itself on being one of the most established and focused market experts in Hydration, Sanitation, and Purification products for the great outdoors. This expertise is quite evident in our product innovation and design. It is evident in the customer service we provide. But mainly, it is evident in the quality of every product sold under the Reliance name.

Feel confident when you purchase a product made by Reliance. With over 50 years of experience; This Is Our Environment.

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Flush-N-Go 4822e



Flush-N-Go 4822e

***NEW FOR 2017***

This portable toilet comes with a 12L/3G fresh water tank and 22L/5.8G holding tank for your waste.

Same features as our 4822 model but with a high end ELECTRIC injection piston pump for flushing and comes with an innovative T-slot flush nozzle to direct water around the whole water bowl to ensure efficient draining of waste.

Sit in comfort with the larger and deeper toilet bowl, standard 17" seat height, and 325lb weight capacity

The waste holding tank includes an exhaust valve & waste level indicator. Emptying is made easy with the swivel spout for clean-out and disposal.

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