Toilets & Sanitation

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Image: Septic System Treatment

Septic System Treatment

A high efficiency bio-enzymatic formula designed to break down biomass, toilet tissue and other organics for easy draining.
Image: Single Shot RV & Marine Treatment

Single Shot RV & Marine Treatment

A concentrated blend of bio-enzymatics designed to activate or boost your RV & Marine Tank system back to an ideal working state.
Image: Solar Spray

Solar Spray

The Solar Spray which was updated with new features helped improve on the already superior camping shower.

The new silver color provides a more modern look, while maintaining the same water heating properties (up to 100°F (37°C) in 2.5 hours).
Image: TP Tube Dry Sack Dispenser

TP Tube Dry Sack Dispenser

The TP Tube is a dry sack toilet paper dispenser that is novel, but very functional.
It can hold up to 2 rolls of toilet paper (TP), and will protect you TP from the elements.
Image: Tri-To-Go Camping Chair/Portable Toilet

Tri-To-Go Camping Chair/Portable Toilet

The Tri-To-Go is a sturdy camping chair that can convert into a portable toilet when necessary
Quick and easy to convert, the unit holds up to 300lbs of seated weight
Includes a wahsable seat cover that fits over the plastic Double Doodie bag when used as a toilet.
Also includes a washable carry case, an integrated toilet paper holder, and 1 Free Double Doodie bag.
Image: UR-IN-Need Disposable Urinal Bag

UR-IN-Need Disposable Urinal Bag

These single-use liquid waste bags are perfect for road trips, hiking, camping, emergencies or anytime you need relief. Based on the proven design of our top-selling Double Doodie waste bags.

Each package comes with 3 UR-IN-NEED waste bags pre-charged with Bio-Gel.
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