Emergency Preparedness

Reliance products were created to help you enjoy your time in the outdoors, when the weather cooperates.  But the weather isn’t always nice.  Sometimes it keeps you indoors when you’d rather be outside.   When it gets really bad, you might have to survive inside your house for an extended period of time without the most basic supplies and provisions.  Reliance helps you get through these times as well.

Many of the Hydration & Sanitation products are perfect for an Emergency Preparedness plan and are included on recommended Preparedness Kit lists by private and government agencies such as FEMA (http://www.ready.gov/kit). 

Some of the more common items for an effective home preparedness plan include:

  • Collapsible water containers: take up little area to ship and store.
  • Rigid water containers: retain large quantities of water for storage or relief.
  • Water treatment products: water purifiers and bacteria filters provide safe drinking water.
  • Portable toilets: provide cost-effective means for meeting sanitation needs.
  • Sanitation Accessories: waste bags, chemicals and other products to maintain sanitation in any setting.

All Reliance items are available for purchase on this website. In addition, you will find these products at most outdoor and sporting goods retailers and at a growing number of mass retailers who carry other items to help prepare your home for emergencies.

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